“Miracle in a Bottle”

Raspberry Ketones Benefits

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Dr. Oz has called it “the number one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat”. He is talking about “raspberry ketones”.

A raspberry ketone is actually a compound taken from red raspberries that can promote the regulation of adiponectin, which is a protein that can influence the rate of metabolism. Adiponectin is a hormone that tricks your body into thinking it is thin, which in turn, makes your body thinner. People who are skinny have naturally higher amounts of it, while those with more fat have less.

They are very healthy, no side effects, and best of all they help your body burn fat. It works amazingly well for all body types.

raspberry bowl

The ketones can be found in some other fruits besides raspberries, such as blackberries and cranberries. However, you would have to eat a staggering amount of raspberries (nearly 90 pounds worth) to get the same amount you would in the natural pill. Eating such large amounts of raspberries is also not smart, because you would get way too many calories and sugars that would outweigh the benefits of the ketones.

Once you take them, you can start to see the effects very soon. Some people report a difference immediately while some can take a week. The bigger the results, the longer you should stay on them.

It is important to remember that using raspberry ketones doesn’t mean that you can stop your normal dieting processes. You still need to eat healthy, and you still need to exercise. They just make a it a whole lot easier to not overeat. It doesn’t hurt to experiment with them!

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