6 Best Sports for Cardio & Fat Loss

6 Best Sports for Cardio & Fat Loss

Running on the treadmill can quickly get boring when you’re trying to get cardio implemented into your workout routine. Playing certain sports can be a great alternative to the typical treadmill or elliptical cardio training. The following are the best sports to play if you’re looking for an intense cardio session that will help you burn fat off fast:

  • Basketballbasketball-rim Whether you’re playing pick up, recreational or professional, basketball will get your heart pumping. Basketball requires you to constantly run up and down the court which forces your body into a high intensity cardio workout. This works in the favor of fat loss as well as beneficial cardiovascular health. Estimated calories burned in an hour: 450 – 750
  • Soccersoccer-ball There is a reason why soccer players are always ripped and in top physical shape. Playing soccer is one of the best cardio exercises for your heart and physique. You will be doing both high intensity and low intensity cardio when playing soccer. It is a combination of both since you will be constantly running or exploding for a sprint in order to defend or score a goal! Estimated calories burned in an hour: 400-600
  • Tennistennis-court Tennis is one of the best high intensity sports that can train your heart and also rip up your glutes, calves and hamstrings. The best thing about tennis is that you only need one other person to play with, unlike some of the other team sports. Find a friend that is also interested in improving their cardio and work together to get a great workout. Estimated calories burned in an hour: 500-700
  • Racquetball Racquetball is similar to tennis in that it is a high intensity sport and really works out your leg muscles. Racquetball requires a raquetball court to play in which might be a bit harder to find compared to a tennis court. Look into gyms in your area to see if they have courts to play in. Estimated calories burned in an hour: 500-700
  • Runningwoman-running Classic running is the best if you want a constant, high heart rate. This will burn off pure fat since your body will be in a low intensity steady state. Running outside or on a track is a lot better than on a boring treadmill. Look for a running partner to support each other in your fat loss and health goals! Estimated calories burned in an hour: 300-500
  • Cycling If you have bad knees and do not want to risk injury, then cycling is perfect for you. Cycling allows a lot of control. You can ride really fast for an intense, quick cardio workout or you can ride at a constant pace to target your fat storage. Either way, you will get an excellent cardio workout without a major possibility of injury. Estimated calories burned in an hour: 400-600

cycling-manThe most important thing is to consult with your doctor that you are healthy enough to play these sports. Sometimes our bodies are not ready to jump straight into fast paced cardio. Safety is most important and preventing injury is key. If you know that you aren’t prone to injury and want to build your cardiovascular health, look into each of the activities we mentioned and see which you like best!