5 Best Strength Training Exercises

5 Best Strength Training Exercises


Need to improve your strength? Look no further than compound exercises. These exercises are different than isolation muscle movements; instead of working out one muscle at a time (isolation), compounds require multiple muscles. Isolation exercises will get you that ripped look but if it’s size and strength you want to attain, then you must incorporate compound exercises into your routine. These are the five best compound exercises for building your strength to unparalleled levels. An added bonus for men is that doing compound exercises regularly will increase testosterone. Check out our testosterone boosters article for some more ways to enhance testosterone.

    1. Squats

Squats will work your entire lower body, core, back and shoulders. It is a perfect exercise that will build your quads and glutes. The most important thing to note is your form! Doing heavier weights before perfecting your form can cause injury to the lower back and legs. Once you have mastered your form, increasing your weight at least every other exercise should be your priority. The only way to get stronger is to keep adding weight, but don’t rush it. Add weight once you complete your sets to increase the difficulty.

    1. Deadlifts

woman deadliftingDeadlifts are a pure strength building exercise. It is a full body workout and you will feel it while doing this exercise. Deadlifts will get you stronger overall, but it will mainly target your lower back and hamstrings. Once you get the proper form, deadlifting can give you that extra push to get your strength to levels you’ve never seen before. Squats and deadlifts are known to be the kings of exercises for a good reason.

    1. Bench

The infamous bench press is what will give your chest great definition while also ripping up your triceps. Benching is the chest exercise that should allow you to see the most improvement. There are many variations of benching: standard benching, close grip and wide grip benching. These variations will change how much work your triceps are getting – the closer the grip means more triceps and less chest and vice versa. Incline and decline bench are two other exercises to increase your strength and also target your upper or lower chest.

    1. Back Rows

Rows are the best strength building exercise for your back. As the other compound exercises, focusing on form first will save you from any possible injury once you get into heavy weight lifting. You will see the difference in strength especially when doing body exercises such as pull ups and chin ups. Incorporating rows with squats and deadlifts is the key to a strong back.

    1. Shoulder Press

shoulder press seatedShoulder press with an olympic bar is what will get you massive strength in your shoulders and deltoids. Your shoulders are what connect your upper limbs to your core and chest so having strong shoulders is a must for weightlifting. This exercise also does not need very heavy weights to see results. Be sure to keep your back straight and body upright for good form. Once you start doing shoulder presses, you will quickly see the effect it has on your strength.

All these compound exercises will be of no use if you aren’t increasing your weight regularly. Staying at the same weight will not get you stronger. Once you get into heavy weights you still must keep working on increasing weight once you’re ready to. Be sure not to add too much weight too quickly, though. Increasing your weight every other exercise by 2.5 to 5 pounds is ideal. It does not seem like a lot, but when you are doing these for months you will see the weight jump when looking at you overall progress.



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