How to Build Muscle: 5 Effective Methods

How to Build Muscle: 5 Effective Methods

Regardless if you have a large body and you are trying to convert your mass into muscle, or you are more in a skinny side and trying to pack, you will realize that it is not a simple process. However, it is also not complicated. With the right level of training, proper regimen, well-balanced lifestyle, and calories, you are on your way on achieving the body that you desire. Here are the 5 methods that have been proven effective in building muscles.

1. Training in Less than an Hour

Whether you are doing a weight-lifting or cardio training exercise, be sure to keep their duration less than an hour. Rather than dragging it for an extensive period, try keeping the intensity of the workout high. Remember that no research has been conducted that marathon exercise can help in building muscles. Minimize your conversation with the other members of the gym and maintain your rest period in less than a minute.

2. Your Eating Habit

If you really want to pack some muscles, you will need to start reading the labels of the food package and understand the amount of calories that you are stuffing in your body. Make sure that you are having the optimum supply of protein daily. Ensure that you will focus on the foods that are high in volume but has a low density. Your meals should also have an interval of 2-3 hours which will guarantee that your body’s metabolism will continue to function.

3. Avoid Relying on Muscle-Building Supplements

It is so common for individuals who are trying to gain muscle mass to highly rely on supplements. You need to understand that supplements are merely supplements and it will not give you your desired body shape if you do not combine it with more important matters such as diet and exercise. Supplements will not massively affect your gains while inside the gym.

4. Lower the Reps

In case you are not aware of it, there is a desirable amount of reps that will help you in building your muscle. Avoid doing more than 20 reps for each group of muscle. The ideal amount of reps should be 6-12, and your entire workout should take not more than an hour. Focus on volume, choose weights that are heavier. Each set should last only 40-70 seconds.

5. Change Your Routine

Try to change and adjust your routine every 4 or 6 weeks. You may adjust your reps, rest interval, the routine that you perform or any variables that has something to do with your training. Make sure to keep a journal of your programs in order to keep track of the progress.

Finally, you should also think about resting and recovering. You should have at least 8 hours of sleep every night. When it comes to your work, try to avoid stress that has a tendency to trigger the production of cortisol or the stress hormone. This hormone will burn the muscles and store body fat. Also: get ripped in 30 days.