Can You Get Fat While Still Playing Sports?

Can You Get Fat While Still Playing Sports?


You are sticking committedly to your health fitness program, and engaging in the recommended sports, but you are not really seeing any positive results. After all the effort that you are placing in exercising and eating right, you may think it should be enough to start see all the extra pounds getting depleted. However, do you know that you working out may actually be causing you to gaining weight for some people?

Why Are You Not Seeing Any Positive Results?

Exercise is great for our health since it replaces the fatty tissues with strong muscles. However, what if exercising is actually causing you to be fatter? Research tremendously suggests that substantial weight loss is not only achieved through exercise only. Here are some of the reasons why exercise is causing you to add weight along with some advice on what you should do about it.

1. You Are Working Up a Huge Appetite

One of the main reasons for gaining weight even though you are still exercising is what is referred to scientifically as “compensation.” While it is true that exercise helps to burn calories, when you work out very intensively it also promotes hunger. Basically, the more activities you engage in, the more you eat, thus effectively cancelling out any weight loss effects.

According to many sports dieticians, a common misconception is that exercise gives people a go-ahead to enhance their calorie intake. So, make sure you are eating just enough, and also mix up your exercises to include aerobic exercises as they have been shown to limit appetite better than weight training.

2. You Cannot Burn Off Big Feeds

The other reason why sports can be causing you to get fat is because you are eating a lot of food in the hopes of burning it off, especially with the increased appetite mentioned above. Some people even eat just before workout, which is not really advisable as it significantly reduces the calorie-burning benefits. Food usually releases insulin, which is a hormone that restricts fat burning.

The solution here is simple; avoid food immediately before and also during training. This has been a common approach among weightlifters and body builders for years. By avoiding food temporarily before training, especially refined carbs and simple sugars, you can basically position yourself to use your fat reserves as fuel for your workout, thus helping you lose weight.

3. Wrong Workouts

According to leading health nutritionists, many people have a wrong misconception that the weight will instantly tumble off after they begin working out. However, the reality is not that simple. The type of labored, slow-moving aerobic activities that most people regard as a decent workout is just not enough to lose weight.

The solution is to transform your workout if you are to gain any positive results. For one, you can minimize the duration of your workout and instead enhance the intensity. Also, consider mixing up your exercises so that your body does not get accustomed to the exercises.


Now you understand why you are not seeing results after all that hard work. By reading all the available solutions provided above, you can help get your weight loss on track again. Remember to set realistic fitness goals as well as including healthy low-calorie foods.