Correct Posture and Training

Correct Posture and Training


Most people think that being healthy is just about exercising and eating right. However, your spine and your posture are a major key to your overall health. Luckily, there is training that will correct your posture when done correctly. When you have the correct posture, your whole body is aligned, including the bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. When your body is correctly aligned, it functions at an optimal level. The organs also are in the proper placement when you are sitting or standing up straight. Slumping and slouching can cause difficulties with breathing and digestion, and will cause overall body pain. Having poor habits when you are younger causes huge physical problems over time. There are training exercises you can do to correct your overall posture. Most of the training is not hard and needs little to no equipment. Here are some of the training exercises that will help with your posture.

1. Planks

One of the keys of having great posture is strong core muscles. Planks are one of the best core exercises as they work for many muscle groups at the same time. Basic planks are a great option, but there are other types of planks that can be used to help build core strength faster.

2. Back Extensions

Along with the core muscles, you also need to strengthen the back muscles to have great posture. Luckily, back extensions are simple to do and work all the back muscles. You just need to lie on your stomach and lift each of the shoulders as high as you can off the ground, and holding for a few seconds.

3. Reverse Dumbbell Flies

If your shoulders are rounded due to poor posture, you need to work out your upper back muscles. The reverse dumbbell flies works because it works the upper arms and upper back. For this exercise, you should use 2 light weights. Then start by bending slightly forward, and lifting your arms, so they are aligned with the ground. Then slowly lower the arms back to the sides of the body. This should be done in 3 sets of ten reps each.

4. Shoulder Rolls

Sitting with the proper posture is quite important, especially if you are at your desk most of the time. Shoulder Rolls are a great stretch that helps relieve tension and corrects the posture. Doing Shoulder Rolls is simple and are able to be done standing or sitting. Simply inhale, and move your shoulders towards your ears and neck. Hold there for a short time and exhale, and then move the shoulder blades as far down and as tight as you can. It is recommended that you do this about five to ten times two times every day. If you are working at a desk all day, you may want to do shoulder rolls more often, so you have better posture. Having the correct posture when training helps limits the chance of injury from your workout. However, having good posture all the time is important for your health because it keeps your body running at an optimal level.