How to Lose Weight Fast for Kids

Losing weight for kids

Making healthy choices at a young age will lead you to stay fit and healthy as an adult!

Losing weight as a child can be tough because you usually don’t get much say in choosing what to eat and you can’t leave your house whenever you want to go work out at a local gym. It’s also not a good idea to use a diet made for an adult, as your metabolism and body is not fully matured. If you’re looking for how to lose weight fast for kids – we have outlined the best ways!

The 2 Week Diet

    1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eating breakfast will not only make you feel more energized, but fuller, and less likely to snack on sugary or salty foods later. Try eating a banana, peanut butter sandwich, yogurt or even hard boiled eggs. It is important to make smarter choices throughout the day including your school lunch.

Quick Tip: If you don’t want to wake up earlier, you can prepare your breakfast and lunch the night before.

Drink more water

  • Drink Water!


It can be hard to drink water if you think it has a boring taste, especially when sodas and juices sound better. Don’t drink them! They both have a lot of bad sugar that will only make you fatter! If you drink water instead of sodas and juices, you will lose body fat, feel better, AND have more energy.


  • Get Enough Sleep


Kids should be getting around 10 hours of sleep every night while teenagers should get 9. Getting enough sleep makes you feel more energized and active during the day. It’s also important to avoid sugar late at night because it can make it harder to fall asleep.


  • Too Much Salt is Bad


Love extra salt on your french fries? Bad news – salt is a big fat promoter. The sodium found in salt makes our body hold onto water which makes us appear fatter. Canned foods and frozen meals from the grocery store usually have a lot of sodium – don’t eat them. Don’t use the salt shaker, and if you do, don’t put much. A small sprinkle is good enough.

Healthy snacks & fruit

  • Watch Your Snacks


Stay away from packaged snacks and junk food. If you need a snack, grab some fruit, yogurt or vegetables. It’s very easy to eat too much junk food but if you limit yourself to a small portions, you’ll notice a difference.  Try bringing a small bag of carrots, apples, or almonds to school if you get hungry before lunch.


  • Watch Out for Sugar


Do you think it’s okay if you only have a little bit of candy sweets everyday? It’s NOT. All of those are filled with sugar, and sugar is the main reason for getting fat. If you know something has a lot of sugar in it, don’t eat it! You will notice you’ll feel better and skinnier.

Quick Tip: If you really love juice and have to drink it, you can have your parents buy “low sugar” or “no sugar added” fruit juice.


  • Move Around More!


Do pushupsPlaying video games and watching TV is fun, but you should only do it if you were active during the day. Kids should aim for at least 60 minutes of activity everyday. Participating in gym class, recess, playing sports after school, or attending a swimming class are ways to keep your activity levels high. Speak with a parent or adult to see how you can keep active regularly.

Not into sports? That’s okay! Ride your bike with friends, take a walk, or even turn on some music and dance in your room. Whatever your hobbies are, from watching TV to playing video games, try and take breaks in order to do bodyweight exercises. Any activity helps; if you play video games for 20 minutes, take a 5 minute break and do push ups or another exercise.


  • Teamwork!


Get your classmates and friends involved! Make it a goal for you and your friends to eat healthier and be more active. Doing this with a group will keep you motivated and determined to keep your goal to lose weight fast.


  • Talk to Your Parents


Don’t be afraid to talk to your parents about your goals. Tell them how you feel about your body and what changes you want to make. They can help you by cooking healthier meals, buying fruits and/or signing you up for fitness activities or a gym.


  • Don’t Get Discouraged


Always remember to be patient. Children and teenagers go through a LOT of changing and growing in a short amount of time. Do not get discouraged by how your body is changing. If you follow our tips, you will always keep a healthy body as you grow up.

The 2 Week Diet

Quick Tip: Get the support of friends and family, it’ll make everything easier and make you want to stick to your goal even more.

Always remember to be patient. You aren’t going to see results the next day. Some days, some weeks even, you’ll notice you lose a lot of weight, while other days and weeks you’ll notice a lot less. Just don’t give up! This is natural, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Stick to the plan and you WILL start to lose weight.

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    1. Sit ups stunting growth is a common myth. Read this for more information: //

    2. To be honest I’m chubby And I literally hate I’m going holiday next ur And I wanna look good But Like Sometime I forget to do my excersizes and I’m Still Chubby HELP

    3. I have an idea ok I’m 14 so i can help u guys I’m trying to loss weight to because formal is coming up at the end of the year so maybe all of u can make like a group and we can come help each other loss weight and we don’t have to tell are parants to loss a couple of pounds and then we can of you are comfortable with that so text me on Facebook if u do or snapchat and I’m trying to find a buddy to do It with because I think it will help me more then by myself

      1. not really, young one 🙂 I’m 11. Doing 100 sit ups a day wont do you any good. although it burns calories, you might be wasting your time becuase sit ups are the worst types of exercise for fat loss and ab conditioning. Ab work-outs don’t even burn fat, cardio does. cardio affects fat loss in all differnt parts of the body. BUT INCLUDE MUSCLE GROUPS ASWELL. ( sit-ups are bad for your back aswell.

        1. You are so lucky I wish I was skinny not THAT skinny tho but nice. I really want to get thinner thighs can u give me advice on it? Especially because I have basketball tryouts and I want to lose weight.

      1. I’m 12 and I’m 46kg I have five clubs in a week , rugby 3 times and dance twice my favourite foods are strawberries and grapes I used to be obsessed with sugary foods but as soon as I started to eat healthy I feel better and I sleep a lot easier x

    4. I’m 11 and I weigh 44.2 kg. Is this considered fat?
      I’m not sure so I’m going to try out what the web site said.

      Wish me luck! : )

    1. You could also lose weight by running everyday atleast 1 mile then drink water eat healthy and try to stretch out and do like kart wheels even if your a boy you could do it and you should always like do athletics

      1. hey I’m also a kid.
        I keep telling myself I wanna loose weight. Now I’m not fat. I’m just a little chubby not a lot. I am now deciding to stick with something during the summer and before I tried but couldn’t stick with it! But I already have a schedule and something I do that has paper and whenever you make a good choice you put it in ur box. I’m going to talk to my mom I know someone who last year went from big to skinny. I want to do the same any ideas???

      2. I’m 11 and I weigh 58 kg I feel so embarresesd cuse I have a twin brother and he only weighs 38kg an I can not do headstands and all my freinds can and are so sporty WHAT CAN I DO!!!

      1. The parent only wants the best for the child even if means hurting the parent because they know that they are judging the kid but they want the best for the kid

      2. She never called her fat, she said she needed to lose weight. Maybe she is actually overweigh,t and she needs help. She had never called her fat in the first place.

        1. It’s a fact it is a insult, you shouldn’t say that even if they are fat, it can be very hurtful even if you don’t think it would hurt them, ?????????

          1. Fat is fat a zit is a zit hair is hair not insults just fact If I love my child I will ensure their safety fat is unhealthy and sick I will assist my child to get rid of the fat period get over yourselves

      3. Calling your child fat has nothing to do with loving them less, parents love you so much that they want you to lose weight so you aren’t bullied, and there’s no other way to say it because saying “my child’s over weight” is the same term for fat. I am a child who is over weight and I am on a healthy diet my mum says I’m to fat, but I know she loves me unconditionally and she says that herself. Make sure you’ve read this properly because you are so wrong saying that comment!

      4. a typical american wold agree with this comment. doing a over weight child the right thing is better than letting them drink soda all day long. im 11 and used to be 107 pounds at 5 feet im now 93 lbs and healthy. do whats best

      5. I agree no won should call there child fat it will just get them upset
        the mum should look after him it is only what he looks like

    2. I am 11 and don’t want my parents to know that I want to lose weight. There’s only about 10 people at my school who are chunky like me. And out of those ten I only have like 2 of those people on my classes. I need help losing weight. I cant go to a gym. My family ONLY buys junk food and stuff like that. We get apples and bananas sometimes but that’s it. We have water but mostly cokes and juice. Please helppp

      1. Telling your parents that you want to lose weight is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Encouraging them that you want them to buy healthier groceries may end up benefiting the whole family!
        As far as not being able to go to the gym – look up videos on working out in your room. Whether its push ups, jumping jacks, running in place, body squats – you can definitely still get in shape without a gym!

        1. My parents thinks its all my growth spurt but no i want to be actived but i need to not be too active like playing basketball ok if i am the only one then i will haft to run for the ball and shot and just run ALOT but i know thats nit the only thing but im just syain you need someone to help so you dont over do it

      2. Nicole it is always best to talk to someone how you feel about yourself and how you want to lose weight. Simply suggest to your parents to have a healthy supper like tacos, salad and anything that has heathly foods. If you can’t go to the gym, try to do 25 push-ups and sit-ups at home per day. It all takes time but you will get there.

      3. I have the exact same problem I just work out whenever I’m bored don’t eat a lot and stay away from carbs

      4. Just say it to them, if they disagree, just say that you arent satisfied with yourself and that you want to lose some weight. And just eat less of the junk food as you can. <3

        You are beautiful!

      5. Do not be Embarrassed to tell your parents. They will buy better foods if you tell them. Don’t compare yourself to other people. . Compare your self to no one at all. Just try to achieve the goals .GOOD LUCK

        Ps. if you are too embarrassed to tell don’t eat the snacks in between just have your three meals like normal. Though I think your parents should still know .

      6. I get it. I am In the same position if you can’t tell them hint it in or go shopping and get a lot of fruit.

      7. I’m ALMOST 11 and I’m realising I’m quite over weight for my age… Everyone in my class is skinnier than me. My friend is SO skinny and I want to be like that. I haven’t told my mum but I think she knows I work out more and I’m serious about what I eat. It’s really hard sometimes when your on a diet and then you go to a party the next day? I honestly want to be flat. You don’t have to get rid of sugar but definitely HAVE to cut down at least a bit-it’ll be worth it. My hobbies are doing handstands and kart wheels and I enjoy swimming so I’m hoping to notice changes. I’m a lot more active and I drink more when I’m hungry! If you are on a diet I recommend the lemon diet because Lemon is acidy and it collects all the junk in your body to get rid of plus it’s liquidy and that’s better than eating

      8. Hey
        I am the same as you I am overweight and I am scared to tell my parents that I want to and I am the only fat one in my family. The rest of my family is skinny and I really want to lose weight. There is only 2 people who are like me in the class. My mum only buys white bread for my brother and I like brown better. My dad is a different person who is a half vegetarian and he goes on runs and stuff and I really want to join him but I just feel like I’m not bothered to do it. I need help

      9. Hey I’m only 9 “I’m in night school now” and I hate my weight to 2 girls at my school bully me about me being chubby so I’m trying my best to loss weight I hate how I am then… A few years I’m in middle school I watched what I eat and I got skinny now people don’t bully me I lost it by exercising and drinking water and eating fruits for breakfast I eat Cereal then I’m in high school… Super skinny so my parents told me to get more and I did… But I never got my weight higher cause I watch what I eat….

      10. I AM TIRED!! i am 9 going to be 10 in a few days i weigh 55 and tired of being fat i tried everything do excercise push ups eat healthy but no i wont get thin it hurts my feelings when people call me fat and when i look in the mirror please help 🙁

    3. Many parents worry about their child’s weight, mane not because of how they look, but most likely because of their health. I understand. I would say not to worry too much because your child’s body hasn’t matured yet. Just make sure your child is active and gets limited screen time. Don’t put him or her on some diet, instead just eat less of what you like. If you are still worried here are some tips:
      *make sure your child gets enough sleep, it is important that they get 10-12 hours of sleep
      *make sure your child is drinking enough water, at least 6-8 glasses a day

      Just remember not to worry too much and your child will eventually lose the weight.

      Sorry for the 1 year late reply:) Hope it helped!

  1. my son’s doctor wants him to lose weight, I’ve been trying everything but he is not losing the weight, what am I doing wrong I need help

    1. Hey Henry! That depends on what you are doing to to help him lose the weight. It would be best to talk to his doctor and find a healthy lifestyle that works best for you and your son. I have been trying to lose weight for the last few months, and I find sticking to the healthy eating to be very difficult. I also have trouble getting out to exercise. I am trying my best right now, and the thing that keeps me the most motivated is thinking that everything I eat matters. And the more I do physical activity the more fat and calories my body will burn. Again I think the best thing to do is talk to a professional and start small. Remember not to pressure your child into anything excessive.

  2. losing weight is not an overnight process ………………. It may require 6 months or even more . Here are some tips we can follow :-
    1. Drink green tea or drink hot water with lemon.
    2. Join Zumba or aerobics classes at least twice a week.
    3. Avoid carbs n fats for quick weight loss.
    4. Don’t eat while watching TV .
    5. When you’re free try and do jumping jacks ( helps in increasing of height ) or normal jumping .

    1. I am also a kid and I want to lose weight I really like your choice SAACHI but I AM A KIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I know I am also a 10 yr old girl and am overweight. I am supposed to be 32 Kgs and I am 40 Kgs. Pls help. It makes me feel crying when I think about my future and when I look at the other girls in my class. Pls reply

  3. I’m a kid and I can’t loose weight and I’m tryed of being overweight I tried everything eating health and doing squats push ups sit ups and crunches I’ve been doing it for two months now and no results

    1. Lena u just have to make a chart and every time u eat junk food just take a dollar off ur money and give it to your parent

    2. I suggest you hide them somewhere in your house or have someone else do this. Also, you could stop buying the junk food and that would most likely help as well.

    3. Lena try snacking on heavier options like fruit. Trust me I know it’s hard to give up that stuff. But once u stop eating it you won’t crave it as much.

  4. I am a little kid so I say thank you because when I tell my family I want to lose weight for the summer. When I was reading this I was taking notes this is the best advice thank you. I am really thankful.

  5. I literally hate myself . I’m so fat and ugly I wish could disappear some days . I tried losing weight but it’s hard cause I can’t really chosecwhat I eat . Other kids act like I don’t have feelings and I am only there for there enjoyment . I have so many hobbies and talents but I’m always just known as that fat kid . I’m also really tall . I’m eleven and people always think I’m 14 . It drives me nuts when Allthe stick figures at school devour a bag of chips and a can of soda when I’m eating a turkey sandwich and carrot sticks .

    1. Hi i am also wanting to lose weight and i am 10 so first just try. Eating healthy food or go to the store with a parent and. Buy stuff that your parent can cook like. Rice and beans and fish

    2. You Guy’s should not worry about this so much if you want your children or child to lose some weight you should just let them go outside and play some games with some friends. By the way watch your mouth REBECCA STEWART! What if they seen that? Well here’s an option buy “Just Dance 2014” it pupped my heart out , and the best part was I lost 375 Calories!!!?? , also you and your child are perfect the way you are.☺?

    3. MUSICALGAl112 You are not fat trying doing chores run, hide all the electric stuff, eat healthy food, and for your skin use proactive everyday

    4. I know how you feel. I am 12 years old and when ever me and my family go out to eat.they give my ll year old sister a kids menu she is 93 pounds. And i am 155.5 i feel bad about myself because i get an adult menu and i always want a kids meal because they give you coloring books but i feel to ashamed to ask for one and i try my hardest not to cry at the restaurant because when i order my dad expects me to eat the whole plate because I am the”FAT ONE” ???

      some one please help me

  6. Hi I need help I am gaining weight on my thighs and face and I don’t know what to do please help me I am struggling

  7. I hate having to look for 16s i would love to lose weight. I play softballall year long . Could someone please give me a fast way to loose weight.

  8. I go to football practice almost evry night go home at like 8 my mom is on a diet so me and my family have yo rat healthy to but I only lose maby 1 pound every 2or3 days can I sped this up in anyway


  10. These tip really helped me out I used to be 110, and now I’m 100 at the age of 11 almost 12 😉 big change in less than 2 months ;0 ;0

  11. I am 220 pounds. I need to loose weight before May. Any advice. I am wanting to be a cheerleader. I want to at least weigh 145 pounds

    1. Go on runs eat organic and healthy foods eat fruits like pineapples,lemons,apples and bananas, if you drink tea dink green tea and before you go to sleep put these ingredients together lemon honey and hot water in a mug be active and do this for 3-4 months and you WILL see results

    2. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself. If you really want to lose weight start tracking calories. I’m 10 and in a couple days I will be 11. I started tracking calories and in 5 days of eating 1000 calories I lost 4.4 pounds. Drink lots of water, play sports, and try morning jogs. They are very motivating and surprisingly refreshing.

  12. I have been skinny since I was 1 but when I turned 8, I am really tired of sucking up my stomach and not breathing! But I get my Healthy gene’s from my dad because he was a professional soccer player but, I’m not as skinny as I was imagining! I just need to lose near 3 kg and I’ll be skinny as a stick! I hope that all of these tip’s work! I’m also going for a holiday, and I don’t want to look fat :(. So thanks for all the healthy tips! 🙂

  13. what should I do I weigh 139 pounds when I should weigh 90 and we don’t have enogh money to buy fruits and veggies so can I lose weght without a diet and if so is ther some way I can make excercising fun

    1. If you can’t eat fruits and vegetables, at least try to avoid eating junk. Personally I think the most fun way to exercise is either with a friend or playing sports. You don’t even have to play with anyone, just practice running around shooting and dribbling (basketball or soccer or any other sport).

    2. Go on walks and have fun. Enjoy nature and play a game that required focusing on the area around you it might help

  14. If you want to lose weight you have too eat breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day that breaks your fast that you had from your sleep, also be active don’t sit around watching to all day and defiantly don’t lie on you bed all day as it is really bad for your body. Also if you have teas I recommend using ORGANIC milk as it is better than normal milk as it is prosseced and prosseced food and drinks are bad for your body and STOP you from losing weight.Eat lots of heathy food I recommend organic again as it doesn’t only make you healthier it also makes your appearance better, and do workouts daily and you will lose weight and feel better trust me

  15. Ok so u should drink tons of water go on 45 minute runs have organic food and drink do 30 – 35 minutes of cardio exercise. Play sports eat health fruits like pineapples and bananas have honey lemon and hot water all together before u go to sleep. You will be assured to have lost the amount of weight you would have needed Lea

  16. Please help… My daughter is 13 and weighs a whopping 13 stone 🙁 I know it is breaking her heart but she realy struggles healthy eating… She also has significant learning disabilities and has the mentality of a 7 year old.. So life is pretty difficult at times as it is!!! Do u know of any special needs lose weight programs or doctors? Iv been to paediatricians hospital clinical psychologist… They jus say be strict and eat less n exercise! Wel my daughter towers over me and has a temper like a bull….. My daughter is beautiful all of her I just don’t know how to help her when she cant help herself 🙁 please if u have any advice I would appreciate it thanku

  17. Look your not fat or ugly. And you shouldn’t hate yourself because you know what it doesn’t matter what people think of you. You shouldn’t let them pull you down do your best to block them out and if necessary tell teachers or your parents. Your beautiful inside and out. What you should do is look up qoutes that inspire you and look at them everyday that can help. As for the weight, you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Also make sure you exercise and drink as much water as you can. Also just some quick tips, cheese, rice,sugar, and bread are a no no . But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some once in a while. Hope I helped and remember you are beautiful! ?

  18. i need to lose weight but cant stand the taste of veg and i love fruit and even when i find some money i end up spending it on rubbish i am 12 and i need help because most of my friends are like 7 stone and 8 and i am 12 i am scared because its hard and since i lost my nanna to cancer i have found it very hard to find someone to talk to about how i feel about my body and how it works and hurts and when people call you names like fat and chubby it dose not help! someone give me info please 🙁

    1. Don’t worry about people who call you names – they’re losers. But you still have to dedicate yourself to losing weight. This article is very helpful. If you follow it and don’t cheat you will be healthy and lose stones!

    2. You can always talk to your parents I know how you feel it’s hard to give up somethings and I am sorry for your nanna.

  19. It’s easy to say “I’ve tried everything”, but you need to give us more information on how often you’re active, what you usually eat in a day, and how MUCH you eat in a day. With more information we can give you more help!

  20. I am 12 and I just can’t lose weight. I run for an hour every day, and I play soccer. I also eat a salad and an apple every day for lunch. I need help. All of the people at school make fun of me.

  21. Just ignore people at school they are also called bully’s but your parents and friends can talk about it. Or even talk to the people making fun of you or you can tell a teacher.

  22. I always try to change my food appetite, but I end up giving up the next day. I’m a little chubby for my age and I want to lose weight, but it’s getting hard for me. It’s also because of the cold weather here. I cant get out as much

  23. I am 12 years old, am ole of the most active kids in my gym class, and eat healthy 90% of the time, but i still weigh 130 pounds! I have a VERY slow metabolism, and nothing works! any tips?

    1. Hey Molly, I think that having your meals closer together helps. If you don’t understand I mean having your breakfast a little later and having your dinner a bit earlier than usual. It worked for me but I think that if you are eating healthy and doing over an hour of excersize a day, there is nothing to worry about! XX

  24. Hi im 17 i weigh about 200 lbs and i need to lose about 10 lbs in 2 weeks to fit into my prom dress but nothing works i eat kinda healthy i run/walk for about an hour a day but nothing is happening please help.

  25. I need help losing weight. i need like a regular schedule so i can lose weight in no time i am 5”2 and 135 pounds so please give me a regular schedule so I’ll be at least 99 ponds.

  26. I am 7 1/2 stones and I would LOVE to be at least 5 stones! Only thing…my mother doesn’t think I’m serious… I try my best to eat healthy but we don’t have many fruits or vegetables… I have packed my breakfast for tomorrow which is: Some cucumber, a few cherry tomatoes and an apple. I have also packed the same for a snack at school. ASWELL, I have made some water for tomorrow, dampened a paper towel and wrapped it around my water and put it in the fridge so it’s extra cold. Does anybody have any tips for staying couraged to diet and meeting my goals??

    1. I am ten years old and I say NEVER give up! Everybody that read this came for reasons
      1) They are overweight and are looking for some good tips.
      2) They aren’t overweight but are looking to loose a couple stone.
      3) They know somebody who is in either the 1 position or 2 position right now.
      4) Or a different reason (They were bored etc, etc.)
      You don’t have to tell your parents about your plans, just make sure that you stick to them and don’t ever give in to a bar of chocolate or some fruit juice!

  27. I’m a mother of 2 boys who are overweight. I was morbidly obese after my second son. I lost half my weight not from changing what I ate because I thought it healthy already. I avoid GMO foods and sweets and preservatives and eat most organic or natural foods. Read labels. I did increase my activity because two boys ten months apart going in two directions I had to get my a$$ moving… this is the biggest key. Eat healthy as u like if you are not active it’s not coming off. They are now also drinking more water n less sweetened juices. I bought a juicer to make our juice from the organic fruits I buy. To the kids who posted on here if you have a small chunky to you you may still grow out of it just ease off the candy n McDonald’s or order McDonald’s salads instead if the burgers n fries. Your great as you are cuz God made you great. But striving for better is wonderful even if the family won’t help you know that I will pray for your success..

  28. I’m a kid and I use to be fat and when I went to school kids kept on telling me to work out and calling me names so I moved from that school and started working out then when I went back to the school kids didn’t recognize me and I was happy and now I have a two pack

  29. I am ten years old, I’ll be 11 in 2 months. I am four feet and ten inches tall and I am 100 lbs. my goal is to lose 20 lbs. I’m going to try this for a month and if it doesn’t work, I’ll try something else. Wish me good luck!

  30. i also need help losing weight im a teen 15 years old i want to lose weight but my parents are addicted to junk food theirself so they wont stop buying it even if i ask its hard

    1. TELL ME ABOUT IT! Maybeu coud just like maybe avoid asking what is for ur pudding or just avoid chocolate or a little unhalthy thingfor a while and then add some more things to avoid. (Knowing what is up for grabs is even more temptingthan the curiosity.

  31. Good luck Susan may I’m 13 and trying my best to Tone up but it’s quite harm if you crave something sugary also is it true that going on a exercise bike makes you legs look bigger from muscle

  32. I have been looking to lose weight for a while now, I’m not that fit and have never been skinny ever in my whole life. I’m ten years old and I really hope this helps! This is about the only website that I have ever found that supplied me with some good tips! Keep going guys! We’ll get there one day!

  33. Hey, so I’m almost 12 and I’m 7 stone 4 pounds. Is this OK? I mean, I know my body is fine but maybe I should lose a little weight. I try to tell my friends but they make fun of me for caring about my weight. There is only one friend of mine who understands. Anyway whenever I try to do exercise, I just give up and go do something else. Any tips on how to keep going?

    1. Don’t tell ur friends about it apart from the1 who understands. Maybe u could ask for them to come with u for moral support? Also, ur friends are not ur friends if they act like that. P.S: My brotheris almost 12 and weighs 7pounds 4 lbs Depending on ur height, i would say that is ok.

  34. Hi i am 10 i do not want to tell anyone i feel fat…. People say i”m fine and skinny. I do not feel that way please help! I want to do all of these things but i just need some little words of encouragement.

  35. I’m a kid 11 years I am way over weight and find it hard to lose wait I want to try lose a lot of weight like 10 kg by the end of October how do I achieve that and I live I’m a dairy so there are sweets souronding me

  36. Hi I’m a a child I have always tried to lose some wight I’m 11 years old and I way 120 ibs I’m always so ashamed of myself with what I look like especially at school I have friends who have abs and only weigh like 80 pounds please give me tips guys please!

  37. A few weeks ago my school did a BMI thing and I cam at the end of a “healthy weight” but I am most definitely chubby.I don’t want to tell my parents as they are overweight too and say I am “perfect just the way I am.” I don’t want them to even notice. How should I lose weight without them knowing when I am only 10???

  38. I have got my body back after baby by losing 35 pounds using mummy magic weight loss tea. This tea is also a great help to keep your breast milk supply.

  39. OK so Im chubby so my sister says and I’m 10 and weight 114 is that bad because iv been trying to lose weight but its not working

  40. I’m 11 and my thighs are a bit bigger than I would like them to be. It’s Spring right now and I try to get as much exercise as possible but it honestly isn’t helping. My parents do know about me wanting to lose weight but I’m and EXTREMELY picky eater and don’t like many vegetables. I do however like lots of fruit but vegetable are better for you. I really only like cucumber and carrot but that’s pretty much it. I really need some help here and I already use some Thigh Slimming Tips that I found online but they aren’t working at all. My parents work a lot and when they get home they’re always tired so when I ask for a healthier dinner they refuse because they don’t want to make a whole other dinner for me. I try to make my own food as many chances as I get but that isn’t often. I have cut off on carbs (but not given up on them) and only have frozen greek yogurt pops for desert. For breakfast I have cereal without milk (because I’m a picky eater) and some unsweeted tea, juice, or sometimes lightly flavored water. For snacks, I usually have fruits and yogurt and even sometimes when I have ‘cheat days’ I have organic chips or puffs. For lunches, I have a sandwich or a bagel of some sort, then I have fruit, organic chips/puffs, water, organic fruit snacks, and a low fat, low calorie, low carb, low sugar (ect.) treat/ desert. And for dinner I would have some meat, whole grains, the vegetables that I like, and some fruit, and also some water on the side. So, I like to think that I eat pretty healthy. And I completely forgot to mention that I’m 4’10 and weigh 81 pounds. Is that normal? I think that I might’ve gained some thigh fat when my family went to a resort and we had to have some unhealthy meals and such and I’ve been doing cardio to burn that off. Please find ways to help me! xo -Juli

  41. I’m a kid,and I want to loose weight.So,thank you for making this article.Now,I’ll loose weight.And,yes,I have talked to my parents.And wear doing reasurch.So,we’re cutting back on dairy products,by only eating them once a mounth,so,at school i tell my friends,that I’m lactose intolerant,now.And,they believe me.I will follow these simple steps.I have a pool party,tomorrow.We were looking for a two peace bathing suit.Necause,I have already lost some weight.But,we only found a one peace bathing suit.So,tomorrow(which is Sunday)I will be at the pool party.Im looking forward to it.Thanks for reading,bye!????????????

  42. You can’t lose much weight as a kid. If you haven’t hit puberty yet, there’s honestly not much to do. Cut back on snacks and stuff like the article says, but don’t kill yourself by doing hundreds of sit ups and push ups a day. All this will do is stunt your growth. This is the biggest thing of all: DON’T STARVE YOUSELF. Yes, eating less can help you lose weight. But you should still (as a teen) be consuming at least 800 calories a day. If you starve yourself, yes, you will get thinner and lose whole pounds. But your body isn’t stupid. Eventually, it will just go into low-power mode and you’ll just need less calories to get through the day. And then when you reach your BMI goal and start eating more, you’ll start consuming more calories than your body now needs and you’ll get fatter. Until you hit puberty, all you can do is just be more active and eat more nutritiously. TAKE MY ADVICE SERIOUSLY. I’VE BEEN THERE. When I was 13 I was unhappy with my weight. My BMI was 80.4, and you could say I was fat. I was athletic and the fastest kid in my grade. I could run an 8 minute mile. I didn’t understand why I was fat. So I starved myself. I lost 10 pounds in less than a month. I turned thin and my BMI was soon 70.9. I went whole days without eating. I ran 2 miles a day. And soon I had nothing to show for myself. The thinness wore off every time I ate a full meal. I didn’t gain any muscle mass. I am the same height I was before at age 13: 5″ 4′. PLEASE HEED MY WARNING. DON’T OVERDO EXERCISE OR STARVE YOURSELF. JUST ADAPT A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE, AND IT WILL GET BETTER.

  43. soo I’ve been trying to lose weight because I did a fitness test in school and failed so after that a hive put in after school fitness class it’s helped me a lot

  44. i am 13 years old and i weigh 69 kg all my friends are in the 40s and are really sporty i am always wanting to lose weight but i can never get the time to do it what is something i can do to lose weight and be in the 40s and i want to be in the 40s in 22 weeks how can i do this

  45. I’m 11 and i weigh 73kg, but if i tell my mom 2 buy me fruits, she’ll just yell at me and my freedom is restricted so i cant go 2 a gym and at home exercising is frutrating

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