How to Lose Weight Fast for Men

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Did you know: Men naturally have faster metabolism and less body fat percentage compared to women, making it easier to lose weight.

You’ve probably read so many weight loss articles by now that you’re not really sure what works and what doesn’t. Do yourself a favor: forget everything you’ve read about losing weight. Drown out all the random weight loss “shortcuts”, misguided advice, and unfounded opinions you’ve heard. In this article we are going to cut straight to the scientifically proven, foolproof basics to quickly lose weight, specifically for men.

The 2 Week Diet

Here are the top 10 things you can start doing today:

    1. Prepare Your Mind

The very first thing that you need to do is to mentally prepare and commit to your ultimate goal of losing weight. No matter what anybody tells you, this is an undertaking that will take a lot of dedication and sacrifice. You will be forced to make major food, fitness, and lifestyle changes. That being said, be sure to consult a doctor before making any extreme diet changes.

    1. Drink More Water

Drink more waterOne of the easiest things you can do is to simply switch out the can of soda you drink everyday with a glass of water. Sure you’ll lose some taste, but the tradeoff is well worth it. By following this ridiculously easy rule, you will drop over 40 grams of harmful processed fat contributing sugar AND cut out over 150 empty calories. By “empty calories” we mean food or drinks that you ingest that have no nutritional value whatsoever (to learn more about calories and macronutrients, click here). Sticking to this straightforward rule will cut out at least 1,000 calories in just one week.

An added bonus of drinking more water is that it will retroactively make you less hungry throughout the day. Too often people will eat unnecessarily because they confuse their thirst for hunger. This is an even bigger problem than you’d think because most food contains water, and thus the thirst is inadvertently quenched.

Quick Tip: Whenever you feel hungry, drink a large glass of water and wait 5-10 minutes to see if you’re still hungry.

    1. Nutrition Is a Priority

The most common misconception about losing weight is that going to the gym is by far the most important thing. All too often we see people who think they can eat anything they want as long as they work out a bunch. This is completely false. Great bodies are built in the kitchen, not the gym – and it’s not as hard as you think!

    1. Not All Fats are Evil

Avocados are a great source of fatThere’s this misconception that fat is bad for you. Fats are one of the three major macronutrients (along with protein and carbohydrates) – meaning it is very necessary to have in your body! Never cut out all fat or be tempted by “fat-free” diets.

Good, healthy fats should make up 20 to 35 percent of your calorie intake. A good rule of thumb is to generally stay away from bad saturated and trans fats that can lead to significant weight gain and heart problems. Good fats are the monounsaturated from olives or nuts/nut butters (almond, peanut, cashew) and good saturated fats are found in egg yolk, cheeses, palm oil, and coconut oil.

    1. Processed Sugar is Your Enemy

Processed sugar only wants to do one thing – make you fat. If all you did was stop eating unnecessary sugar, you would begin to weigh less. You’ve heard it a million times, but seriously: avoid junk food, soda and other processed sugary foods. Processed sugar spikes our insulin levels while providing almost no nutrition, and to make matters worse, this spike then tells your body to store that energy into glycogen and fat. As if you needed another reason to not eat processed sugar, doing so will significantly decrease the risk of Type II Diabetes, which is common in overweight men.

However, don’t get it confused – not all sugar is created equally. While processed sugar is your enemy, natural sugars are not. They don’t affect your body in the same way. Fruits have a lot of sugar in them, but they make up for it by containing tons of nutrients. Natural sugars also tell the brain when it’s full so that you don’t overeat, processed sugars don’t.

    1. Put the Salt Shaker Down

Too much sodium is badAt some point you have probably heard the term “water weight”. Water weight isn’t as bad as weight caused by fat because it’s much easier to lose, but we’d prefer avoiding gaining it altogether. Water weight is caused by too much sodium in the diet, which means too much salt. Since salt retains water, your body needlessly holds onto it instead of allowing you to urinate it.

Avoid processed foods, deli meats, red meats, frozen foods and most canned foods as they usually contain ridiculous amounts of sodium. This is one of the quickest ways to lose weight because you will lose both the water retention relatively fast and the bloated feeling around your stomach.

Quick Tip: Be careful not to go overboard and cut out all sodium as the body still needs it.

    1. Pay Attention to How Much You Eat 

Everyone knows that eating less is the number one way to losing weight. Eating 500 less calories a day will cut a pound in just one week, and if you combine that with exercising you can lose even more. First find out how many calories your body needs and then consume 200-500 calories less per day. Determining how many calories you need for maintenance is extremely important. This is determined by sex, weight, physical activity, percent body fat, etc. You will lose weight quickly if you eat less than what your maintenance caloric needs are. You can figure that number out by using our calorie calculator. Calories play a major role but you have a bigger enemy: sugar.

    1. Stop Checking the Scale

Ignore the scale Follow our tips and you WILL lose weight. However, if you’re checking the scale everyday you’ll only end up demotivating yourself. You probably won’t be seeing any huge drops in weight. This is because while you’re losing fat, you’ll be gaining muscle weight. Your only scale should be the mirror, which is where you’ll notice the best results.

Also, don’t try to magically lose fat off just one specific part of your body. Everyone has seen that guy at the gym doing 100 sets of 50 crunches to lose his stomach fat. That’s not how it works.

    1. Be Active

An adult male should do an average of at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day. The best way to incorporate this is to play a recreational sport, preferably with some friends or on a team. This makes the cardio more fun and much less a chore. Running, bicycling and swimming are also great ways to burn tons of calories without anyone else. As always, remember to speak with a doctor about what your physical limitations are before doing moderate to high level intensity activities.

    1. Lift Weights

Lifting weights will accelerate your weight lossAdding weight lifting to a great diet change will turbocharge your weight loss goals. Think about it this way: your new eating habits will stop you from gaining bad weight and your weight lifting/cardio will begin shedding current weight. You will gain muscle, and more muscle means more fat burning during workouts and at rest. Everything you do helps your body.

You don’t have to lift crazy weights, but find a weight that feels heavy to you and do it. You should never be breezing through your lifts. Lifting heavier and doing less reps will maximize the muscle gain. The heavier the weight, the more calories burned.

Be sure to never go above your body’s limits in weight training, if you haven’t lifted weights in quite some time then start with the lower weights and work your way up. Don’t ever feel embarrassed about the weight you’re using. Everybody starts somewhere, and nobody else in the gym cares what you’re doing.

Quick Tip: Focus on getting the form of the exercise correct – it doesn’t matter how much you’re lifting if you’re doing it wrong.

Now Go Out and Do It!

Like we said at the beginning, the first thing you need to do is commit to this new lifestyle. It all starts with you! Don’t be overwhelmed and think that you have to do every single thing we said perfectly. If you can just make it your goal to improve in all of these areas (even if it’s just slightly) you will be well on your way to losing weight fast.

The 2 Week Diet

Leave us a message below if you have any questions or comments – and share this page with anyone who may find it helpful!

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