The 6 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

The 6 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs

Need some food to get in the mood? A natural aphrodisiac is exactly what you need! We’ve listed our top natural food/drink sources that increase sex drive. Get the grocery list ready.

    1. Cacao

cacaoChocolate is known as the food of love, but it is actually the cacao or cocoa (processed cacao) found in chocolate that provides all of these benefits. Cacao is found in higher percentages in dark chocolate and does more than just increase libido; it makes us happier, improves blood flow and is loaded with antioxidants. Milk chocolate is usually just milk, sugar and cocoa – go with dark. Next time you want to have some fun after dinner, break out the dark chocolate.

    1. Peppers

hot peppersThe capsaicin found in spicy peppers such as jalapenos or cayenne peppers is a proven aphrodisiac. Capsaicin increases circulation and stimulates energy for love making. Eating hot peppers also stimulates nerve endings, making pleasure feel even better.

    1. Oysters

oystersOysters are a popular aphrodisiac and have amino acids that increase the levels of sex hormones. Amongst these amino acids are D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate, which can only be found in nature and have many benefits. Men will also love the fact that oysters are high in Zinc which boosts testosterone. Be sure to consume oysters raw for the highest effect.

    1. Wine

red wineAlcohol in small amounts increases your libido but there’s something special about wine. Red wines specifically have been known to improve blood flow in those erogenous areas, making dinner a little more fun. Red wine has also been found to increase testosterone for men. Never overdo a good thing though, because after about two glasses these positive effects fade away. Try pairing red wine with your favorite dark chocolate for double the benefits!

    1. Pomegranate

pomegranteLike capsaicin and red wine, pomegranate also helps with our blood flow as well. Pomegranate works to protect the lining of our blood vessels which allows more blood to flow through. More blood flowing through means increased sensitivity in our genitalia. This forbidden fruit’s benefits heighten our mood and sexual desires. There was a reason Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, planted the first pomegranate tree.

    1. Omega-3

flaxseed and oilOmega-3 fatty acids work wonders in the body. They have numerous health benefits along with improving circulation and increased sensations by fighting against the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Consuming omega-3 increases the production of our sex hormones like oysters. Foods high in omega-3 are oily fish, nuts, kale, quinoa and more. Check out our top superfoods for more foods high in Omega-3.