How to Increase Stamina in Bed

How to Increase Stamina in Bed


Sex is a big part of our lives. Committing to a healthy lifestyle can boost your sex drive and relationship with your partner tremendously. This goes for both men and women; it is proven that eating healthier and regular exercise will create longer lasting sex and high libido. Certain exercises will definitely get you ready to satisfy your partner. Here’s our favorite exercises to increase stamina in bed for a better sex life:


planks for staminaPlanks will create a strong core that will help your endurance when you are intimate with your partner. Doing regular planks will help with fatigue and get that heart rate going. Longer planks mean a better exercise so try your best and build your endurance; you partner will thank you for it.


Kegel exercises will exercise and tone up your pelvic area which can have great benefits to sex. Kegels will exercise the muscles in your groin and get blood and oxygen running through them. This is especially good for men where it can help you last longer in bed.

Downward Dog

The downward dog position is the perfect yoga form that will help you with your flexibility. Being flexible is a big aspect in trying new positions in the bedroom. Not only will it get you to be more flexible, it will strengthen your glutes and leg muscles as well.


overhead-squatSquats will tone up our legs and allow you to be more flexible. Want a way to tone up your legs and glutes for a slim, sexy look? Squats are the simplest way to get to your goal. This works for both men and women, and for a bonus for men, heavy squatting has been shown to increase testosterone levels.


Pushups are a great way to tighten your chest, core and arm muscles. This will get your cardiovascular health to improve and allow you to be more proficient at body weight exercises. Controlling and moving your own body weight is key in improving your sex life. Pushups will allow you to have more complete control of this and your partner will thank you when they see the improvements.

Leg Raises

leg-liftLeg raises will train your core muscles to the max. Having a strong core is not only important when you’re intimate with your partner, but also doing general acts of daily living. Want to go up your flight of stairs without being tired? Doing leg raises daily will strengthen those core muscles to make moderately stressful jobs a lot easier. These can be done laying down, holding on a pull up bar, or using a leg raises machine.