Sports and Potency

Sports and Potency


Potency is the man’s ability to start and maintain an erection that can enable him to perform sexual intercourse to his satisfaction. When a man cannot maintain an erection for long or when the erection strength is not strong enough to allow him do sex, he is termed to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is caused by insufficient blood flow to the penis due to several reasons. It could be injure of the arteries and veins supplying the penis, or it could be psychological stress affecting the person. Many scientists have however realized that sports can either cause impotency or improve potency.

Sports that Boost Potency

Not all sports can boost the potency of a man, but the good news is that many sports boost the potency through various mechanisms. Jogging or athletic games are known to increase potency because of their ability to increase cardiovascular function and ensuring that blood flow to the pelvis is perfectly improved. When blood flow to the pelvis is improved, blood supply to the penis is normally going to be enhanced, and as a result, you would have a strong erection. Weight lifting, on the other hand, is known to increase testosterone levels, a hormone that is responsible for orgasm and sexual arousal making your sexual desire to remain high and maintain the erection throughout.

Swimming is also known to boost potency since it allows your body to be active as you swim through the water. Your general body blood flow is enhanced especially blood flow to the genitals making you to have a high potency. Of all the aerobic and anaerobic exercises, yoga seems to be the best of all when it comes to enhancing your potency.

Sports that Can Ruin Your Potency

Sports that make youSports that make you to have a sedentary life would always make you to have a low potency. A good example is car racing and motorbike racing. Besides heating your testis, you would be put in one position making your blood flow to the genitals to be dormant. The testis need low-temperature environment for them to make sperms so when you sit inside a car all day practicing for your competition, you expose them to extreme high temperatures that hinder their sperm production. The end result is that you would have reduced potency.
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In a nut shell, sports could be both helpful and harmful on potency depending on the kind of sports that you take part in. You don’t have to leave your sport just because it reduces potency, you can make sure that you also do exercises that boost potency as you do your sport. You should also read: best natural aphrodisiac.