Healthy tanning

Healthy tanning


Tips for Healthy Tanning

For as much as tanning is good for our health when done incorrectly, it can prove to be an enemy of good health. It is, therefore, important that one takes tanning acts that do not affect health status. In general, exposure to the sun benefits the body by the provision of vitamin D, which helps in the absorption of calcium and strengthening of the bones of the body. However, as already mentioned, bad tanning habits may compromise the overall aim of the tanning process. However, following these simple tips can help you to contribute in a healthy tanning procedure:

Exposure to the sun during the peak heating hours can be very harmful to health. It is, therefore, more important than the exposure to the sun is limited to off-peak hours, when the sun is not very strong and thus does not unduly burn the skin. The recommended hours are 8-10am in the morning and 5-8pm in the evening.

It is important that you apply and re-apply sunscreen. For those that do not lie on the beach, but regularly swim, sunscreen, each time you leave the water. This ensures that a complete protection against ultra-violet radiation.

Sun exposure should be gradual. A person with fair skin needs to remain exposed to the sun over a period of up to 10 minutes during their first sessions. By doing this for several days prepares the skin for a longer exposure to sunlight.

Other than only to be exposing yourself to the sun, diet also plays an important role in ensuring a healthy sun tanning. Nutritionists recommend different foods that facilitate healthy tanning. Fish and olive oil are just a few of the recommended foods that are good for the skin as they increase the capacity of the skin to defend itself against the harsh effects of the sun.

Do you know that many benefits are associated with tanning too? Well, healthy tan is a must for you and improves your bones, protects your skin from radiation and kills many pathogens in the body. But to enjoy all these benefits you need to follow certain precautions. By following the proper care and precaution, you can enjoy a perfect tanning session.

Careless tanning has affected people all over the world. And it can also affect you also. Many people are reported to suffer from deadly skin cancer due to excessive and unprotected exposure to UV rays. And such reports have plenty of room given to the myths associated with tanning. Here is a list of caution for you:

At first, know your skin type because your skin type plays a crucial role in determining the duration of the tanning session.

Now before you lie for a tanning session, it is important for you to keep your skin completely clean of ingredients in any makeup or perfume or deodorant as these things make your skin more susceptible to sunburns. Take a shower before a session if possible.

Moisturizing your skin with lotions, before and after the tanning session, is also a must. Simply do not rub on completely, allow some visible part of cream on the skin in order to
increase the protection
If you tan under the sun, wear hat and sunglasses. Tanning bikinis and knickers are also essential for both sunbathing and tanning.

Tanning session should be carried out for only 15 to 20 minutes. This time exposure does not allow the UV-rays to make extreme penetration. For sunbathing and tanning prefer the morning light because it has low harmful radiation.

Do not drink water for three or four hours after tanning.

Give at least a gap of three days before the next tan. This time is required for the synthesis of the melanin in your skin.

Moisten more and more from the next day of tanning. It helps to achieve the tan faster. Choose SPF and DHA formula lotions or moisturizers. They provide the necessary nutrients to your skin.

Consult a doctor immediately if you find something nasty as red rash or spots or skin irritation after or during the session.

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It is important to emphasize that a healthy tanning process also calls for personal responsibility and strict adherence to the recommended guidelines. Negligence can prove to be very expensive to an individual and undermine the whole tanning goal. Strictly adhering to the guidelines, however, will ensure the best outcome of the tanning process. Although frequently ignored, these guidelines are crucial if one were to achieve the best tanning experience. The tanning result is generally as good as the level of caution and care in fulfilling to put it. You should not allow a few minutes extra of precaution to cost the entire outcome of the exercise.