Why Lose Weight?

Why do you need to lose weight? There have been people who are overweight since the beginning of time, and the world has gone on. What’s all the fuss about now? Everyone’s pushing for this new wave of eating right and going to gyms, is it just a fad?

Simple answer: no. And if it is, it shouldn’t be. Being healthy and fit is not and should not be a fad. This is your life we’re talking about, and even though we don’t know you, we want the best for you.

So what’s with the recent frenzy of health conscious people? Well, the answer is this: as more time goes on, we learn more about our bodies and how they are affected. New research comes out everyday, and the uncertain questions we used to have a growing fewer and fewer.

If you’re still asking, “Why Should I Lose Weight?”, we’ve compiled this list of reasons to help you see how important it is.

  • Save Your Heart!

This should be the only reason you need to convince you. Being obese, or having excess weight, puts a lot more pressure on your heart. A heart under great strain leads to many conditions and diseases – and NONE of them are good.

  • Maintaining Proper Weight Equals Maintaining Proper Health

It really is easy to remember. Good weight = good health. All the things we recommend that you do to lose weight (like exercising, eating good food, eating more meals etc), are the exact same things that lead to your body running like a well-oiled machine. Looking good on the outside truly equates to looking good on the inside.

  • Every Extra Pound You Lose Lessons Your Factors of Risk

Clinical studies have shown that even small amounts of weight lose can lead to a huge impact on the quality of a person’s life. The more you lose, the greater the benefits increase.

  • Prevent Diabetes 

The information on this is in and it is iron clad. If you have “pre-diabetes” (which is blood sugar about normal levels but not quite high enough to be diabetes) then physical activity and healthy eating habits can delay or even completely prevent the progression to the more serious diabetes (type 2). If you already have type 2, controlling your weight is considered the best therapeutic task.

  • Cardiovascular Health

Losing weight has proven to have long and short term upside on lipids and cholesterol. It also drops your blood pressure levels, which in turn decreases risk of cardiovascular and kidney diseases, strokes and other problems.

  • Prevent Cancer

Scores of research have been done on this topic, and they have proven that their is a relationship between heavy weight and cancer. Again, all of the other things like decreasing fat, eating more fruits and veggies, and exercising all inherently prevent many different types of cancer.

  • Life Quality

People who maintain a healthy weight have reported to having less disabilities that limit them. Also, they express happier and more positive self esteem, as well as having less overall depression and anxiety.

  • More Health Benefits

To be honest, including the entire list of health benefits is almost impossible. The benefits are seemingly infinite. The limit does not exist! But just to list a few more pros for a healthy lifestyle include: aiding in sleep apnea, helping knee and joint issues, metabolic syndrome, memory and Alzheimer’s risk, fertility complications, and many, many, many more.

Always remember that even the tiniest change to your lifestyle can result in a huge difference.

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