Diet and Psychology

Diet and Psychology

Very much in our life depends on psychology. The starkness and excellent figure are the same. Psychological techniques can greatly help in the fight against obesity.
If you have a developed imagination, then it will not be difficult for you to imagine yourself slender and beautiful. Think about the fact that you can completely change in just a few months. But we must start now! Experience inspiration from your Newself. Feel it. The best time for such meditation is the early morning or the time before sleep.

You can write your goals. Describe the way you see yourself in a few months. How do you look like? What do you feel?
On the reverse side of the sheet, you can write how you are going to achieve the result. It is very important to read your plan every day. Thus, your brain will be concentrated on this goal.

It is very important to understand for yourself what prevents you from being slim. Nutritional habits of your family? Constant stress, which you eat up with fatty foods? Is there a habit of watching television and eating junk food?
Analyze what thoughts, actions, and stereotypes prevented you from losing weight. Write on a separate sheet a list of unhealthy habits, and on the opposite side, write an alternative behavior that will help to become slimmer, and stick to them.

Be sure to start a food diary.
Write down every day everything you eat or drink.
In a week you will clearly understand what is preventing your healthy diet. Amount of food or its quality.

Then gradually start replacing the harmful foods with healthier ones. At the end of each day, make a note about your well-being. Turning to these records afterward, you can find the connection of your physical and psychological state with what you eat.

Try to find the like-minded people. Perhaps it will be easier for you to do this with your friends.

Be sure to make yourself small gifts for achieving some success. But this should not be food! Going to the cinema or theater, shopping or just a walk in a park.

One of the characteristics of people who do not have excess weight is the habit of eating only when they are hungry. Not according to the schedule, namely when you really feel hungry.

If you have a bad mood, before you get into the fridge, turn on the music and dance! This eliminates the need to fill the stomach with unhealthy foods.

Some essential oils also help to relieve stress and to discourage appetite. Bergamot oil for example.

Always before automatically grabbing food, ask yourself a question. Do I really want to eat or does the brain deceive me?

These are not complicated rules at all but they work for real.