Great Diet Plans to Lose Weight

Great Diet Plans to Lose Weight


We have all heard of diet plans such as the Atkin’s diet or diets that cut out a specific food completely. Do these work? Research has shown that these fad diets can help you lose weight in the short term but you actually gain more weight in the long term. This should not be a goal in healthy living! A good diet plan should have you eating carbs, fats and proteins. Stay away from diets that say to cut out fat or carbs. Let’s take a look at some great diet plans that actually work and keep the weight off:

Thrive Healthy Living Plan

This diet plan is a very easy diet plan to follow when you are trying to lose weight. It keeps it simple so you can watch the weight fly off fast and most importantly stay off. All you have to do is follow the Thrive Healthy steps:

  • 3 Thrive by Medifast™ healthy fuelings
  • 2 L & G Plus Meals
  • 1 Balanced Meal

The kit you receive come with the directions you need and following this diet as well as a work out plan will take the fat right off. You can find the specific diet plan information here.  


Mediplan Active Weight Loss Plan

Another great weight loss plan that is easy to follow. All you have to do is eat six times daily with a meal every two to three hours. Doing this will keep you from being hungry and binge eating. The following is the six meals you will eat:

  • 4 Medifast meals
  • 2 lean and green meals
  • 1 Healthy snack

sample diet planThese six together will keep you calories in a great range to lose weight. As with the other diets, adding exercise will only help your weight loss goals. You can find the diet here.

Women’s and Men’s BistroMD Plan

Their diet looks like the following:

  • 40-50% protein
  • 20-25% fat
  • 30-35% carbohydrates

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