Bonn soup – slimming soup

Bonn soup – slimming soup


Holiday was excellent but you can not fasten your favorite skirt?
We’ll show how to get back to your waist!
Don’t be upset, try slimming soup.
Bonn soup will help to get rid of swelling.

Firstly, if these unpleasant changes have taken place recently – to cope with them will be easy enough.

Secondly, let’s think:
1 kg of fat contains around 7000 calories (2 kg – 14k, in 3 – 21k). It is unlikely that you were able to absorb so much during the holidays, even if your physical activity was limited solely to the movement of the jaws.

Rather, it is a swelling!
The water retained in the body when we eat too much salt (fish, eggs, pickles and tomatoes, cheese, sausage – the list is endless) and drink alcohol. That’s what we eat on holidays, isn’t it? Get rid of the swelling will help – Bonn soup.
The most important thing – you do not need to limit yourself by the size of servings. Eat soup every time you feel hungry. It is possible that three days will be enough to get in shape. Of course, if you didn’t have too many holidays! )

Recipe – Bonn soup:

6 – onions
6 – large fresh tomatoes (you can take a jar of tomatoes in juice)
1 – cabbage (or any other – brussels sprouts, red cabbage, kohlrabi or cauliflower)
2 – large bell peppers
1 – bunch of celery (can be replaced by tubers)
1 – bunch of parsley


Cooking method:
-Vegetables cut into small pieces, put in a saucepan and cover with water so that they are completely in the water, and allow to boil.
-After ten minutes, reduce the heat and let the soup come to simmer until the vegetables are cooked.
-Pepper (red, black, white, chili), curry, tabasco – add to taste.
-You can use a blender.
Don’t use thickeners and flavor enhancers such as cream, flour or starch!

For a start is better to cook half portions (or even a quarter)!
If until now you did not use celery, first be sure to smell it on the market, it smells very intensively.

Do not take the prescription as a dogma. It is possible to vary the ratio of the products. Reduce the amount of cabbage, tomatoes, etc.

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red-cabbage   tomatosThe main rule of the diet: do not try to cheat and eat only “complementary products” from the list. The main part of the diet should be exactly the soup, which is obligatory! The presence of parsley and celery. If celery – not your favorite, put a little more parsley!

You have the right to drink all kinds of tea (without sugar), coffee without milk (also sugar free) and non-carbonated water in any quantity. Under the ban is packaged juice, due to high content of sugar. If absolutely unbearable, in the morning before noon, you can afford 1 slice of dark chocolate with tea or coffee. Read more about health benefits of green tea
Salt the soup only a little and only in the plate, just before eating.